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Join us to celebrate Australian National Amyloidosis Day on May 8

The Australian Amyloidosis Network AAN invites patients and family to join a virtual meeting to hear updates from Australian doctors on diagnosis, treatment and symptom control of amyloidosis.

Please see the program below with times in AEST.

To attend this meeting, you must register. On doing so, you will receive the link to connect with the meeting.

Registration is now open using the form below.

We look forward very much to welcoming you on May 8th.

TIME (AEST) TIME (WA) Duration SESSION Speaker
1400- 1405 1200-1205 5 mins Introduction Dr Hasib Sidiqi- Fiona Stanley Hospital
1405-1420 1205-1220 15 mins AAN Chairmans Report A/Prof Peter Mollee- Princess Alexandra Hospital
1420-1430 1220-1230 10 mins The AAN Patient and Family Advisory Committee  Mrs Maureen Mahon and Mr Garry Mahon
1430-1440 1230-1240 10 mins QnA
1440-1500 1240-1300 20 mins Immunoglobulin Light Chain Amyloidosis Update  Dr Stephanie Lam- Fiona Stanley Hospital
1500-1505 1500-1505 5 mins QnA
1505-1525 1305-1325 20 mins Cardiac Amyloidosis Updates  Dr Jay Baumwol- Fiona Stanley Hospital
1525-1530 1325-1330 5 mins QnA
1530-1550 1330-1350 20 mins Amyloidosis Neuropathy  Dr Nabeel Sheikh- Princess Alexandra Hospital
1550-1600 1350-1400 10 mins QnA and Meeting Close Dr Hasib Sidiqi- Fiona Stanley Hospital

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Registration for National Amyloidosis Day, May 8, 2024

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