Victoria Patient Family Carer

13th May 2023

Presentations which have been recorded for access by Workshop registrants are in green.

Time Speaker Title
1115-1145 Registration & morning tea
1145-1150 Dr Simon Gibbs Welcome
1150-1200 Dr Michele Ananda-Rajah MP
Federal Member for Higgins
Amyloidosis and the Australian Health System
1200-1240 Dr Julia McClelland and A/Prof Darren Lee What is amyloidosis? What are the different types of amyloidosis? How does it affect the body?
Chair: Dr Kah Peck
Breakout Session 1. AL. Chair: Dr Nick Bingham Breakout Session 2. ATTR. Chair: Dr Sue Corcoran
1240-1330 Dr Murielle Roussel How do we best treat AL Amyloidosis (with Q&A) A/Prof Martha Grogan How do we best treat ATTR Amyloidosis (with Q&A)
1330-1400 Lunch
1400-1440 Isabelle Lousada and David Boyle Achieving the best results with your health care professionals – How we can learn from each other and lessons from the Amyloidosis Research Consortium
Chair: Pat Neely
1440-1510 Chair: Jaime Christmas and Dr Arun Gupta How can I improve my quality of life?
Dr James Hare, Cardiologist, Alfred Health
Sarah Gardiner, Dietitian, Epworth Freemasons
Dr Mahima Kapoor, Neurologist, Alfred Health
Emily Minopoulos, Amyloidosis Specialist Nurse
– Managing excess fluid and improving my fitness

– Optimising my Diet

– Managing Poor Sleep, Dizziness and Nerve Pain

– Managing Tiredness and Asking for Help
1510-1525 Afternoon tea
1525-1545 Dr Brendan Wisniowski Accessing clinical trials and new drugs: What is the future?
Chair: Evan Bittner
1545-1555 Panel: Kapoor, Gane, Hare, Motorna, Lousada, Grogan, Lee, Wisniowski, Christmas Open Mic – Questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Chair: Pat Neely