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The Princess Alexandra Hospital Amyloidosis Centre aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of all patients with amyloidosis. This is being done through a program of co-ordinated clinical care, patient education and support, training of doctors and research into better diagnostic and monitoring tools, as well as clinical trials of new treatments.

Our Amyloidosis Centre is actively pursuing research to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with amyloidosis, but we need your support. 

PAH Amyloidosis Centre is one of  Four Australian Amyloidosis  Centres making up the Australian Amyloidosis Network . <amyloidosis.net. au>.  Research carried out at PA will translate into improved diagnosis and treatment for all Australian Amyloidosis patients.

DONATE: https://www.charidy.com/pagivingday/amyloidosis?utm_campaign=pagivingday2020&utm_source=teamshare&utm_medium=amyloidosis

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