Victoria Health Care Professional

13th May 2023

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Time Speaker Title
1000-1020 Registration & morning tea
1020-1035 Dr Simon Gibbs Welcome
1035-1045 Dr Michele Ananda-Rajah MP
Federal Member for Higgins
Amyloidosis and the Australian Health System.
1045-1100 Dr Olga Motorna The Basics: What is Amyloidosis and How to Identify and Stage the Different Subtypes
Chair: Dr Brendan Wisniowski
1100-1130 Dr Patrick Hosking Don’t Stop at the (Congo) Red Traffic Light – Nailing the Correct Amyloid Subtype
Chair: Dr Ellen Maxwell
1130-1150 A/Prof James Hare and A/Prof Peter Mollee Advances in Amyloid Imaging – Echocardiography, CMR, bone scintigraphy & PET
Chair: Dr Raef Boktor
1150-1230 A/Prof Martha Grogan, Mayo Clinic, USA The Growing Beast: ATTR Amyloidosis – Prevalence, prognosis and treatments in 2023
Chair: A/Prof Justin Mariani
1230-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Isabelle Lousada Connecting and advocating with your patient – Lessons from the USA.Amyloidosis Research Consortium
Chair: Dr Anish Puliyayli
1330-1410 Murielle Roussel Improving Treatments and Survival in AL Amyloidosis
Chair: Prof H. Miles Prince
1410-1450 Chair: A/Prof Amit Khot The Neglected Cousin – Optimising Supportive Care in amyloidosis
Dr Arun Gupta, Gastroenterologist
Dr Mahima Kapoor, Neurologist
Dr James Theuerle, Cardiologist
A/Prof Darren Lee, Nephrologist
– Correcting Weight loss and Cachexia
– Managing Hypotension and Neuropathy
– Optimising Heart Failure Management
– Renal Transplantation in Amyloidosis
1450-1510 Afternoon tea
Breakout Session 1. AL. Moderator: Dr Masa Lasica Breakout Session 2. ATTR. Chair: Dr Andrei Catanchin
1510-1540 – For the Motion – Dr Murielle Roussel
– Against the Motion – A/Prof Peter Mollee
Speaker Debate – That ASCT is Dead in AL Amyloidosis Dr James Gunton Managing Arrthymias in ATTR
1540-1610 Dr Simon Gibbs and Prof Ed Gane What’s coming next? Resorptive monoclonal antibodies, CRISPA, bi-specifics, TTR silencers and stabilisers and more
Chair: Dr William Renwick
1610-1625 Panel discussion – All Speakers Future Directions and Opportunities for Collaboration
1625-1630 Dr Simon Gibbs Thank you and Close