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Patients and carers are invited to join the Australian Amyloidosis Network’s (AAN) online education meeting  to celebrate National Amyloidosis Day the following day and hear three of the amyloidosis specialists talk about developments in amyloidosis care, followed by questions.


Dr. Peter Mollee. Haematologist, PAH amyloidosis Centre, Brisbane.

Dr. Sidiqi Hasib. Fiona Stanley Hospital amyloidosis unit, WA.  Recently returned from working in the Mayo Clinic amyloidosis unit, USA

Dr. Jay Baumwol, Cardiologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA

Questions for the doctors must be submitted to Pat by May 4th p.neely@bigpond.net.au 

This meeting will run in cooperation with the Centre for Community Driven Research

Please note, different time zones : 4pm in Queensland, NSW, Victoria,Tasmania and ACT. 3-30 in South Australia. 2pm in Western Australia.

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